Missy Emma Lucy 6-2013Welcome to my writing portfolio.

My genre of interest is creative nonfiction, and I work asĀ  a freelance writer based in Bozeman, Montana, specializing in pet-related topics (primarily dogs). After working as a veterinary technician and behaviorist for close to three decades as well as dabbling in agility, shelter and rescue work, obedience, and tracking along the way, I began sharing my passion for dogs with others through my writings. Those continued efforts blossomed into being a contributing writer for two publications, Coastal Canine and Bozeman Magazine.

I am currently a senior, attending Indiana University East’s online degree program for Technical and Professional Writing. During my studies, I have been exposed to graphic design as well as editing–both of which I enjoy as an addition to my writing. I have been able to put both skills towards practical applications; the graphic design work has enabled me to do the marketing for my husband’s and my pet photography business, and the experience with editing has been beneficial for some press release documents for Rocky Mountain Vein Clinic, for which my husband is the director.

The “selected writings” section of my portfolio is a collection of general personal reflections about my experiences with dogs (and at times rantings), along with some pieces that eventually blossomed into published articles about working dogs.

I hope that you enjoy my work as much as I do in creating it.

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